Discover the Artful Delights of Allentown Art Museum!

Located in vibrant Allentown, Pennsylvania, Allentown Art Museum (AAM) is an exciting and innovative art center that exhibits some of the best contemporary art in the world. As one of the region’s oldest and largest art museums, AAM offers its visitors something extraordinary. From the collection of treasured works of art to the interactive galleries to live performances and art events, there are always new things to explore and experience at the Allentown Art Museum. At AAM, visitors can experience the beauty and elegance of artwork from all over the world. The primary collection includes over 10,000 works of art from famous and lesser-known artists, ranging from paintings and sculptures to prints and photographs. Visitors can also explore interactive galleries and activities, such as sketching and printmaking workshops and computer-based art programs. Throughout the year, visitors can participate in special events and exhibitions at the Allentown Art Museum that highlight the works of artists of all genres and cultures. Information concerning Allentown, PA can be discovered here.

Current exhibitions and performances include “An Evening with Yayoi Kusama,” “The Art of Hip-Hop,” and “Latin Jazz and Beyond.” In addition to the primary collection and events, the Allentown Art Museum offers various educational and community programming. Through educational classes, workshops, and summer camps, kids of all ages can learn about the visual arts and explore the museum’s expansive collection. The museum also provides an extensive community space with meeting rooms and galleries available to rent for various occasions. Ultimately, the Allentown Art Museum is the perfect place to explore the diversity of art and discover captivating works of art. Whether you’re a long-time fan of the visual arts or just starting to explore, the Allentown Art Museum will surely delight and inspire you. You’ll find something here for everyone, from a vast selection of world-renowned artwork to interactive activities and events throughout the year. So discover the artful delights of the Allentown Art Museum today! Discover facts about A Must-See: Take a Tour of Coca-Cola Park in Allentown.